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Because a sentence does not match because I do not understand English and thinks that I do not understand a meaning, please tell me it if noticed to be wrong.


Furthermore, the inquiry over the telephone when is ordered, please talk in "Japanese".
Thank you very much for your help.

The telephone rates are free.

Free calls outside Kagoshima Prefecture are not available.
For orders outside the prefecture, please go to 099-278-1988


My shop is establishment of a business 40 years.
It is a specialty shop of the ecology of the futon.




The ecology futon of our store becomes thin and becomes obstinate and cloth is torn and understands the contents of the futon by machine and returns it to the first state and enters the bag of the new cloth, and it is processing to remake.



Japan was a country without resources, and there were manners and customs "to play it if I worsened, and to remake" futon carefully from old days.



However, I was made in large quantities and came to do "throwaway" these days without regenerating it because cheap futon came out.
As a result, become a large quantity of large-size refuse; destruction by fire led to outbreak of carbon dioxide, the dioxin by filling it up, and became a cause to pollute a global environment.





Many people have you have a way of thinking "that is not abandoned", and they want to do alone which "it is a waste" on the earth to be able to leave for future children.




In everyday sleep, it is said that I break a sweat of 200cc.



The futon breathing in a lot of sweat and moisture becomes dirty very much and becomes a cause becoming thin firmly.



I recommend periodical cleaning to take the sleep comfortably.





The futon which foreign everybody uses thinks that a duvet is mainstream.



By sweat and moisture, a thermal insulation power disappears, and the duvet becomes thin, too and causes the deterioration.
The feather of the contents gushes even the small loss of the needle, and the cloth wrapping a feather in deteriorates.
I can play the important duvet which he/she purchased with large amount.





The telephone rates are free.

Free calls outside Kagoshima Prefecture are not available.
For orders outside the prefecture, please go to 099-278-1988.